Prose and Concepts

Well I dont know much about Prose and Concepts, but I do know that the members are: MC Dope, SharkE, Mic Dub, Beatnik, DJ Ace & Rawi. And if im right, they are from Seattle. Their style is very unique and Im sure a lot of you never even heard about them, well its time to check them out! (if someone know more info about them, leave a comment, thanks)

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Procreations (1994)


01. Peanut Gallery
02. W.O.T.R
03. Checkin’ the Mic
04. Do You Know
05. P
06. Fossils
07. Allone in This Field
08. Lyrical Dippin’
09. Roll Call on the 1 and 2’s
10. The Brothers
11. Expressions in the Shower
12. It’s Dope