Phreewil & Suttikeeree

A fresh breath of air has been pumped into the said to be dead carcass of Hip Hop music, and that breath of air and life is the Sediment EP created by producer Sutikeeree and songwriter/lyricist Phreewil.

With a unique blend of new age philosophy and boom bap energy, The Sediment EP is a psychedlic ride of plush rhyme schemes and sonic goodies. Suttikeeree and Phreewil are both Seattle natives and co-founders of the epic Mind Movers Crew…

Sediment EP (2013)

Sediment EP

01. Dreamers
02. Muse Of The Minute
03. Madonna (ft. Khanfidenz)
04. Redemption (ft. Khingz)
05. Sediment
06. When Life Gives You Lemons (ft. Mic Flont)
07. Magic Bullet Theory
08. Shitty Fathers
09. Dreamers (Remix)
10. Madonna (Remix)
11. Redemption (Remix)
12. Sediment (Remix)