Pacewon is an American rapper and producer. He rose to fame in the late 90s as one of the prominent and founding members of the rap group Outsidaz along with fellow rappers Young Zee, D.U., Slang Ton, Az-Izz, Loon, Axe, Yah Yah, Rah Digga and others. The group would later make Detroit rappers Eminem and Bizarre of D12 honorary members of the group after they collaborated with members of the group…

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Won (2002)


01. Sunroof Top
02. It’s Yours feat. Wyclef Jean
03. Won
04. World Renown
05. Money Hungry
06. Thievz Skit
07. Thievz Theme
08. Upper & Downer Skit
09. Bring It Out Of Me feat. Richie Thumbs
10. I Declare War
11. Like This
12. Locked
13. What You Know feat. Kurupt
14. Step Up
15. Loon Skit
16. Nobody
17. Fresh
18. No Retreat
19. Reckless
20. Cowboys & Western
21. Rush
22. You
23. I’m Leavin’ feat. Melanie Blatt
24. I Declare War (Remix)