Nix is an emcee based in Canberra, Australia. He has released a free album in 2012 and he has a new music video for his song ‘Beauty in the Breakdown’ which was put together to promote his upcoming 2015 releases.

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The Nixtape (2012)

Nix - The Nixtape

01. Incredible
02. Decisions
03. Within The Sequence
04. Put It In The Air ft. Dubulay & Illmaculate
05. The Skinny ft. Miss M
06. Lessons In Life
07. Touchin’ The Sky ft. LHA & Miss Mich
08. Can You Dig It?
09. This Is Good-bye ft. Miss M
10. Dirty Herbs & Comic Books ft. Tycotic & Losty
11. Keep It Movin’
12. Encore ft. Percee P