Mr. Green

Mr. Green from Brooklyn had a great idea: instead of sampling vinyls, why not just go out and record samples on the streets?

And the outcome of that idea is a collaborative album, Live from the Streets.

He made video episodes of this process on Youtube and a contest with Native Instruments.

Etalon’s entry for #livefromthestreets contest:

Live from the Streets (2015)

01. Man With A Broken Heart ft. Brenda, Malik B
02. If I Don’t Go To Hell ft. Janice, Pacewon
03. Down In The Streets ft. Kevin Brown, Malik B, SUNWUN
04. I Believe ft. Country, Pacewon, Skrewtape
05. Clap ft. Espirito Andino, Freddie Gibbs, Chill Moody, Apollo The Great
06. East Coast Gas Station ft. Slaughter Rico
07. Human In Disguise ft. Matisyahu, Kyon Williams, Benefit
08. Cans ft. Don Felipe Cantando, Deniro Farrar
09. Play The Back ft. PitchBlak Brass Band, World’s Fair
10. Superpowers ft. Hakim Green, KRS-One, Mario Levis
11. Toronto ft. Rich Kidd, The Mission, Devah Quartet, Khari Wendell McLelland
12. If I Don’t Go To Hell (Remix) ft. Janice, Benefit, Jus Allah
13. Born To Be King ft. KG
14. Step Into The Booth ft. Raz Fresco, Andrea M. Pacheco
15. New Jack City Is Mine ft. Lumin Hao, Bodega Bamz
16. The Original ft. Benefit