Mr. Archive

Vancouver’s Mr. Archive is set to release his second solo project Riverdale Ruffnecks, a short 6 track, Archie comic themed album riddled with great local features including Young Nige, Eh Yo, Chadio, Attikus, Sauce And The Random Henchmen.

These well-oiled lyrical commentaries are his best yet, covering a range of subjects from Hipster’s to Riverdale School rivalry, Mr. Archive Reached out to producers from all over the world to gather up an arsenal of hard hitting beats for your ear holes and layered it with slick lyricism to keep your full attention…

Serious Social Drinking (2012)

Serious Social Drinking

01. Intro
02. I Got It Bad
03. Schadenfreude Ft. Attikus and Sauce AKA SOS
04. What You Want? Ft. Young Nige
05. Friends
06. Rap Act Techniques Ft. Attikuss, Babie Paul, SOS, Young Nige, Tyler 2 Times, Chadio and Bobby Brillo
07. Hackin Butt’s
08. All That I Do
09. Ray
10. Hangover Ft. Sauce And Tyler 2 Times
11. I Got It Bad REMIX

Riverdale Ruffnecks (2013)

Riverdale Ruffnecks

01. Introductions (F Them In And Around The A)
02. King Of The CUH!! Ft. Young Nige, Eh Yo & Spits N Giggles
03. DIG Ft. Attikus
04. Request Denied Ft. Chadio
05. Sean Priced Out Ft. Bobby Brillo
06. The Challenge
07. Stay The Fuck Out Of Riverdale Ft. The Random Henchmen