Mesanjarz Of Funk

Mesanjarz of Funk are a Latin hip hop group from New York City, composed of members D-Vell (of Cuban descent), Pearl Pizazz (of Puerto Rican and West Indian descent)and DJ Royal Tech (of Colombian descent). Their album came out in 1993 and featured bilingual rhymes and state of the art underground hip hop music…

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Mesanjarz Of Funk (1993)

Mesanjarz of Funk

01. Keep It Flowin’
02. Funk in da Trunk
03. Gangsta
04. Messengers of Funk
05. Naughty Shorty
06. Spanish Flavor
07. Point Blank
08. Save the Drama
09. What U Wanna Do
10. Freedom International
11. 40 & A Blunt
12. Flip da Script – Lord Finesse
13. Straight Outta Ill Street
14. Stickup Game
15. Buckwild Boricua
16. Come on Now
17. Keep It Flowin’ [Remix]