Lighter Shade of Brown

A Lighter Shade of Brown (LSOB) was a Mexican American hip hop duo from Riverside, California best known for their 1990 hit single “On a Sunday Afternoon”, a success in the U.S., written by songwriters/musicians David Dunson & Micah Carson…

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Brown & Proud (1990)

Brown and Proud

01. Brown & Proud
02. El Varrio
03. Spill The Wine
04. Pancho Villa
05. Paquito Soul
06. La Cucuracha
07. T.J. Nights
08. On A Sunday Afternoon
09. Bouncin’
10. Latin Active
11. T.J. Nights (Club Oh Version)

Hip Hop Locos (1992)

Hip Hop Locos

01. Intro
02. Hip Hop Locos
03. A Young Vato
04. Spill The Rhyme
05. Viva Zapata
06. Check It Out
07. Raize Up
08. Alla En El Rancho Grande
09. The Huggy Boy Show
10. Homies
11. Lowrider Madness
12. Brownies
13. Interrogated Cause I’m Brown (Pt. 1+2)
14. Spill The Wine (D.J. Muggs Remix)

Layin’ in the Cut (1994)

Layin in the Cut

01. Dip Into My Ride
02. Where Ya At
03. Talkin’ Bout (Gettin’ It On)
04. Hey D.J. (Radio Remix)
05. Playin’ In The Shade
06. If You Wanna Groove
07. I Like It
08. Things Ain’t The Same
09. Doin’ The Same Thing
10. Everyday All Day
11. Hey D.J.

If You Could See Inside Me (1999)

If U Could See Inside Me

01. Next To Ball
02. Major League
03. JD Interlude with Steve Wilcox
04. Presidential
05. Hardcore Spirits
06. If You Could See Inside Me
07. Gonna Give It To You
08. Sunny Day
09. Party Don’t Start
10. Paradise