Arturo Molina Jr., better known as Frost (originally Kid Frost), is a Mexican American Hip-Hop recording artist from East Los Angeles, California.

He began his music career in 1982 as Kid Frost as a tribute to his rival Ice-T, whom he often battled in the music industry. In an interview Frost stated that his first actual DJ was in fact Dr. Dre and DJ Yella. He soon became a breakdancer for Uncle Jamms Army…

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Hispanic Causing Panic (1990)

Hispanic Causing Panic

01. La Raza
02. Hold Your Own
03. Straight To The Bank
04. Come Together
05. Smoke
06. Ya Estuvo
07. Homicide
08. Hispanic Causing Panic
09. In The City
10. La Raza (Cantina Mix)

Latin Alliance (1991)

Latin Alliance

01. Lowrider (On The Boulevard)
02. What Is An American?
03. Runnin’
04. Know What I’m Sayin’?
05. What You See Is What You Get
06. Latinos Unidos (United Latins)
07. Can You Feel It
08. Smooth Roughness
09. Valla En Paz (Go In Peace)
10. No Man’s Land

East Side Story (1992)

East Side Story

01. The Man
02. East Side Story
03. The Volo
04. I Got Pulled Over
05. Penitentiary
06. No Sunshine
07. Thin Line
08. Spaced Out
09. These Stories Have To Be Told
10. Home Boyz
11. Chaos On The Streets Of East L.A.
12. No More Wars
13. Raza Unite
14. Smiling Faces
15. Another Firme Rola (Bad Cause I’m Brown)
16. Throwing Q-Vo’s
17. Mi Vida Loca

Smile Now, Die Later (1996)

Smile Now Die Later

01. East Side Rendezvous
02. La Familia
03. You Ain’t Right
04. Mari
05. Nothing But Love for the Neighborhood
06. Rest In Peace
07. La Raza II (cantina mix)
08. Bamseeya
09. Look At What I See
10. How Many Ways Can You Lose A Body
11. Last Days
12. Youseemurda

When HELL.A. Freezes Over (1997)

When HELLA Freezes Over

01. Mexican Border
02. Tombstone
03. Loco
04. Heaven & Hell
05. Rock On
06. Heaven Sent
07. G-Spot Interlude
08. Anotha Day Anotha Dolla
09. Nothing In This World
10. Chema Otro Leno Mas
11. Reunited (Lo Riding)
12. From My Block To Your Block
13. Get Down (Make It Hot Big Daddy, Make It Hot)
14. You’re A Big Girl Now
15. What’s Your Name (Time Of The Season)

That Was Then, This Is Now (1999)

That Was Then Vol 1

01. Somethin’ For The Ridas
02. Outlaws
03. Milk & Honey
04. Turn It Into Something
05. Act Like Ya Want It
06. The Game Remains The Same
07. Heart Of A Savage
08. Latin Kings
09. Mamacita
10. Diamonds & Pearls
11. Big Business
12. Feria
13. Los Katrachos
14. The Pain

That Was Then, This Is Now, Vol. 2 (2000)

That Was Then Vol 2

01. Life Of A G
02. Click Bang
03. Six Million Ways To Die
04. Club Thugs
05. West Coast Lowrider
06. Thug Shit
07. Ice Cold
08. One Shot
09. That’s All A Gangster Needs
10. Promise
11. Celeb Ent.
12. Choo Choo Train
13. What These G’s Is Cookin’
14. Speak On You
15. Outro

Still Up In This Shit (2002)

Still Up In This Shit

01. Still Up In This S#*T! (Intro)
02. Follow Us
03. Ghetto Curse
04. Put In Work
05. Everybody Knows
06. Where My Ese’s At?
07. My Primos
08. Natural Born Hustlas
09. Hit A Lick Auditions
10. Got What U Want
11. Nu Bitch Nu Twist
12. I’m Still Here
13. Para Mi Abuelita (Frost Dedication To Grandmother)

Somethin’ for the Riderz (2003)

Somethin 4 the Riderz

01. Cali Tex Connection (ft. Spm)
02. How We Ride (ft. Mr. Gee, K-Borne)
03. Connection (ft. Mr. Coop)
04. Chicano Gambinos (ft. Mr. Gee, G Fellas)
05. Maria (ft. Jay Tee, Baby Beesh)
06. Same Shit (ft. Jay Tee, Baby Beesh)
07. Presidential (ft. Lsob, Jay Tee)
08. City of Angels (ft. Above the Law)
09. What’s Goin’ On? (ft. Jay Tee, Baby Beesh)
10. It Ain’t Easy (ft. Gambino All Stars)
11. We Ride Hot (ft. Jay Tee, Messy Marv)
12. Got Bud (ft. Nino B, Don Cisco)
13. Mamacita (ft. Don Cisco, Kurupt, Soopafly)
14. Last Nite (ft. Jay Tee)
15. West Coast, Gulf Coast, East Coast (ft. Spm, Baby Beesh)
16. Get High With Me (ft. Rappin’ 4-Tay, Shorty B)
17. Let’s Make a V (ft. King T, Dj Quik, James Debarge)
18. What You Wanna Do (ft. Merciless, Javi Picasso)
19. Party Goin’ Down Tonight (ft. Jay Tee)
20. Tears of a Mother (ft. Ice-T)

Welcome to Frost Angeles (2005)

Welcome 2 Frost Angeles

01. Welcome To Frost Angeles (ft. Weeto, Troy O, Cash)
02. So Kold
03. When The Lights Go Down (ft. Genovese)
04. Tha Kaper (ft. Jay Tee, Cameosis)
05. It’s Tha Kid (ft. Scoop De’Ville)
06. Can Not F*** Wit These Gangsta’s (ft. Bad Boy)
07. It Ain’t Tha Same (ft. Scoop De’Ville)
08. Shake Them Ho’s (ft. Scoop De’Ville)
09. Til The Morning Light (ft. Krystal)
10. Los Borachos (ft. Vato Loco Tone)
11. We Run Sh** (ft. Scoop De’Ville, Bad Boy)
12. Think We Playin (ft. Bad Boy, Ryu, Tonic, Kree)
13. My Reincarnation (ft. Scoop De’Ville, Bad Boy)

Till The Wheels Fall Off (2006)

Till The Wheels Fall Off

01. Til The Wheels Fall Off
02. Down Your Block
03. Take A Ride
04. Baby Girl
05. City Of Angels
06. I Need Your Love
07. In The Back Of My Low Low
08. For The Brown
09. Para Mi Familia
10. If You Leave Me
11. Ride With Me
12. Thug Bitch
13. Goin Down
14. Eastside Rendezvous
15. Mix