Keith Science

Influenced heavily by the golden age of Hip Hop, New Jersey native and lifetime musician Keith Science has been making beats the right way since 1992.

Focusing on the artistry of creative beat-making and elevating the magic craft of sampling, Keith Science productions quickly separate themselves from the rest of the pack. Real boom bap is the what we talk about here, and you’ll be immediately captivated by the grimy trance-inducing vibes mixed on Keith’s old analog recording console.

Vessels of Thought Volume II (2012)

Keith Science Vessels of thought

01. Polygon
02. Soldiers II
03. Elevations
04. Coleco
05. Archon II
06. CCM
07. Blocks
08. Cloud
09. Tunnels III
10. Tropic
11. Century
12. Sepia
13. Penni

Hypothalamus (2014)

Keith Science - Hypothalamus

01. Centipede
02. Peninsula-D
03. Logic Gates
04. Parks Road
05. Gamma Prime
06. Infinite Abyss
07. HiBeam
08. Imagination Station
09. Punker Pool
10. Hensyn Village
11. DMT
12. Molecular Twelve