The Juggaknots is a hip hop group from New York, consisting of siblings Breezy Brewin’, Queen Herawin, Buddy Slim, and DJ Boo.

The group’s first album, Clear Blue Skies, released on the vinyl-only New York independent Fondle ‘Em Records, is considered an underground classic. In 2006 they released their first album of new material in over 10 years: Use Your Confusion features Queen Herawin for the first time and contains guest appearances by East Coast MCs. Breezy Brewin’ is also a member of the Weathermen. The group has also worked with both Sadat X and Prince Paul…

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Clear Blue Skies Re:Release (1996)

Clear Blue Skies

01. Hunt Is On
02. Trouble Man
03. Jivetalk
04. Watch Ya Head [Remix]
05. Epiphany
06. Circle (Pt. 2)
07. Circle (Pt. 1)
08. Who Makes It Hot feat. Adagio
09. Romper Room
10. Come Along
11. Loosifa
12. Rainy Saturday
13. Sex Type Thang
14. You Gotta Do One of These Songs
15. Projections
16. I’m Gonna Kill You
17. Luvamaxin
18. Clear Blue Skies [Remix]
19. Up at the Stretch Armstrong WKCR Radiow Show Hosted by Babbito
20. Clear Blue Skies

The Love Deluxe Movement (2004)

Love Deluxe Movement

01. She Loves Me Not (Original Remix)
02. Justalittlefake
03. Settle Down
04. Vibrant Thing
05. P Rushen
06. Dreams 2002
07. The Formula Song
08. Lose Yourself
09. She Loves Me Not (Original Dirty)
10. She Loves Me Not (Original Clean)
11. She Loves Me Not (Instrumental)
12. P Rushen (Instrumental)
13. P Rushen (Herawin’s Acapella)
14. P Rushen (Vinia’s Acapella)

Use Your Confusion (2006)

Use Your Confusion

01. Here Comes…
02. Hey
03. Namesake
04. Leon Phelps
05. Strip Joint
06. Liar, Liar feat. Wordsworth
07. Use Your Confusion
08. Smile feat. Castro
09. New $$$
10. Vows feat. Slick Rick
11. Daddy’s Little Girl
12. 30 Something feat. Sadat X of Brand Nubian
13. Movin’ the Chains
14. Never feat. Nine
15. Crazy 8’s feat. J-Treds, John Robinson, Pop, B-Slim, Big Tone, Shay Login, Wordsworth, Herawin, Sub-Con, Rob-O, Jax, Breeze Brewin