Joint Ventures

One of the hardcore rap groups that came out of Boston in the early 1990s was Joint Ventures, whose Itz Da Joint isn’t remarkable but has its moments.

Comparable to Audio Two, Joint Ventures is at its best when its members tell some type of story instead of simply bragging about their rapping skills and attacking “sucker MCs”…

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Itz Da Joint (1993)

itz da joint

01. Intro
02. Itz da Joint
03. Time to Pay the Piper
04. Ain’t It a Shame
05. Gotta Give It Up
06. Pull the Plugg
07. Burgers on the Grill
08. Fuck What Ya Heard
09. What’s a Joint Venture
10. Right to Left
11. Interview
12. Somethin’ for the Head
13. Treat ‘Em Like a Man
14. Revenge
15. Rock to the Rhythm
16. Shouts Outti