Jigmastas are an East Coast underground hip hop group based in Brooklyn. The group consists of DJ Spinna and MC Kriminul.

DJ Spinna, was already renowned throughout the 1990s, and as well already knew Kriminul from the mid-1980s. The duo released their first single “Beyond Real” which became an underground rap hit, and inspired the name of their self-funded record label, “Beyond Real Recordings,” in 1996…

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Grass Roots “Lyrical Fluctuation” (2000)

Grass Roots Lirical Fluctuation

01. Intro
02. Lyrical Fluctuation 2000 (Spinna Mix)
03. Across The Globe
04. Keep On Rockin
05. Matrimony
06. Iz You Dee (Remix)
07. Awareness
08. Lyrical Fluctuation Original Mix
09. Thief’s Theme
10. Outro

Infectious (2001)


01. Introduction
02. Till The Day
03. Vent
04. Don’t Get It Twisted (featuring Sadat X)
05. Elevate (featuring Angela Johnson)
06. 8 Million Stories (featuring Joc Max)
07. Lyrical Mastery
08. C.S.S.
09. Apology Not Accepted (featuring Apani B. Fly)
10. Cliche (featuring Akil)
11. Hollar (featuring James Ramsey & Vernon Reid)
12. Nocturnal Jam (featuring Lorenda Robinson)
13. Reality Check (featuring Shadowman, Akil, Truth, E.No.La & Jet Black Ha)
14. Outro

Beyond Real / Dead Man’s Walk 12″ (1996)

Beyond Real Dead Mans Walk

01. Beyond Real (Clean)
02. Beyond Real (Dirty)
03. Beyond Real (Instrumental)
04. Dead Man’s Walk (Clean)
05. Dead Man’s Walk (Dirty)
06. Dead Man’s Walk (Instrumental)