HotSauce(theMC) is a relatively unknown artist, with a really small fanbase, which is surprising, because he has some pretty sweet tracks in his album “Stand Up Music“, which came out last year, and some great singles, like “Janet Love” and “Notes to Self“.

I guess he or his label just did not promote this material well enough to be recognised. Well I think we should change that! Please share his music if you like it! Thanks!

Stand Up Music (2013)

Stand Up Music

01. Stand Up Intro
02. Move On
03. Chills (pt. 3)
04. No Name
05. Lion’s Den (feat. Kevlar Spits, Walter Lee and CQ)
06. Caine and Abel (feat. DJ Pocket and Count Bass D)
07. Fiends
08. BackSpin
09. Family Knot
10. Get Lost (feat. BA and Reeyo)
11. Warning Signs