Fugees were a critically-acclaimed New Jersey hip hop group that rose to fame in the mid-1990s, whose repertoire included elements of soul and Caribbean music, particularly reggae. The members of the group are rapper/singer/producer Wyclef Jean, rapper/singer Lauryn Hill, and rapper Pras Michel.

Deriving their name from the term refugee, Jean and Michel are Haitian Americans, while Hill is African American. The group recorded two albums (one of which, The Score, was a multi-platinum and Grammy-winning success), before disbanding in 1997…

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Blunted On Reality (1994)

blunted on reality

01. Introduction
02. Nappy Heads
03. Blunted Interlude
04. Recharge
05. Freestyle Interlude
06. Vocab
07. Special News Bulletin Interlude
08. Boof Baf
09. Temple
10. How Hard Is It?
11. Harlem Chit Chat Interlude
12. Some Seek Stardom
13. Giggles
14. Da Kid From Haiti Interlude
15. Refugees On The Mic
16. Living Like There Ain’t No Tomorrow
17. Shouts Outs From The Block
18. Nappy Heads (Remix)

The Score (1996)

the score

01. Red Intro
02. How Many Mics
03. Ready Or Not
04. Zealots
05. The Beast
06. Fu-Gee-La
07. Family Business
08. Killing Me Softly
09. The Score
10. The Mask
11. Cowboys
12. No Woman, No Cry
13. Manifest/Outro
14. Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
15. Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix)
16. Mista Mista