Fat Boys

The Fat Boys, originally known as The Disco 3, was an old school hip-hop music trio from Brooklyn, New York City, that emerged in the early 1980s.

Big Buff Love, the Human Beatbox, was a pioneer in beatboxing. He and another contemporary, Doug E. Fresh, popularized beatboxing, inspiring other artists to innovate, including Biz Markie and, later, others such as Rahzel. Attempting to capitalize on the appearance-oriented name of the Fat Boys, another hip hop group dubbed itself the Skinny Boys, and yet another the Fat Girls…

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The Fat Boys (1984)

fat boys

01. Jail House Rap
02. Stick’em
03. Can you feel it
04. Fat Boys
05. The place to be
06. Human beatbox
07. Dont you dog me

The Fat Boys Are Back! (1985)

fat boys are back

01. The Fat Boys Are Back
02. Don’t Be Stupid
03. Human Beat Box
04. Yes, Yes, Y’All
05. Hard Core Reggae
06. Pump It Up
07. Fat Boys Scratch
08. Rock ‘N’ Roll

Big & Beautiful (1986)

big beautiful

01. Sex Machine
02. Go For It
03. Breakdown
04. Double-O Fat Boys
05. Big & Beautiful
06. Rapp Symphony (In C-Minor)
07. Beat Box, Part III
08. In The House
09. Beat Box Is Rockin’

Crushin’ (1987)


01. Crushin’
02. Protect Yourself / My Nuts
03. Rock Ruling
04. Making Noise
05. Boys Will Be Boys
06. Falling in Love
07. Fat Boys Dance
08. Wipe Out
09. Between the Sheets
10. Hell, No!

Coming Back Hard Again (1988)

coming back hard again

01. The Twist
02. Rock The House, Y’all
03. We Can Do This
04. Back And Forth
05. Jellyroll
06. Big Daddy
07. Coming Back Hard Again
08. Louie, Louie
09. Are You Ready For Freddy
10. All Day Lover
11. Powerlord
12. Pig Feet

On and On (1989)

on and on

01. ‘Yo’ Venture ft. Doctor Dre & Ed Lover
02. Lie-z
03. Get Down
04. T’ings Nah Go So
05. School Days
06. It’s Gettin’ Hot
07. On And On
08. Just Loungin’
09. Knock’em Out The Box
10. Braggin’
11. She’s Hookin’
12. Trouble!
13. If It Ain’t One Thing It’s Annuddah (Bruddah)
14. Rainy Rainy
15. After (Words!) ft. Doctor Dre & Ed Lover

Hefty Fat Boys Posse – Mack Daddy (1991)

mack daddy

01. Gettin’ Hefty
02. Mack Daddy
03. Fly Car
04. Da Bump
05. Whip It On Me
06. Let’s Make Love 2nite
07. Tonite
08. You’re Da Man
09. Negazaplaya
10. Crazy
11. Love You Down
12. Da Source
13. Sweet Lovin’ Baby