Extra Prolific

Extra Prolific was an American alternative hip hop duo formally signed to Jive Records. The duo composed of rapper Duane “Snupe” Lee and producer/DJ Michael “Mike G” Gray and was a subgroup of the rap collective Hieroglyphics.

Extra Prolific was Hieroglyphics’ second group to splinter from the collective after Souls of Mischief and like them, signed a deal with Jive Records…

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Like It Should Be (1994)

Like It Should Be

01. Intro
02. Brown Sugar
03. In Front Of The Kids
04. Is It Right?
05. Sweet Potato Pie
06. Cash Money
07. One Motion
08. Never Changing
09. First Sermon
10. Now What
11. It’s Alright
12. In 20 Minutes
13. Go Back To School
14. The Fat Outro
15. Brown Sugar (Domino Remix)
16. Give It Up