Evolve is an independent MC based out of Donna, Texas. He is the owner of Boom Bap Masterpiece records and has worked with some of the illest MCs and producers in the underground hip hop genre, such as El Da Sensei (Artifacts) Esoteric (AOTP), Awol One, C-Rayz Walz, Goretex (Non Phixion) & many more.

I Am Lyricist, Swollen Pens (2015)

Evolve I Am Lyricist

01. XXIV
02. That Good ‘Ol Boom Bap
03. Trophies ft. Mickey Factz
04. Wolves ft. Asphate & Spit Gemz
05. Underdogs ft. Mad One
06. Eliminate the Wackness (Interlude)
07. Show & Prove
08. Let it Breathe
09. Gotta Maintain (Harvey Pekar)
10. Not the Same ft. Pawz One
11. Stumblin’ Blocks
12. Stomping Grounds