Dream Warriors

Dream Warriors were a Canadian hip hop duo from Toronto, Ontario, comprising King Lou and Capital Q. Described as “a pair of deft, intelligent rappers” by Allmusic, they were major contributors to the jazz rap movement of the early 1990s.

Their 1991 debut album, And Now the Legacy Begins, is considered one of the finest alternative hip hop records of the golden era. Before the release of their second album Subliminal Simulation in 1994, the duo became a group with the addition of rapper Spek and DJ Luv. In 1996, they released a third album, The Master Plan, before the two new members left the group a year later. Though their subsequent releases did not garner similar commercial success as their debut, the duo released a well-received greatest hits album in 1999. Their final album, The Legacy Continues…, was released in 2002…

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And Now the Legacy Begins (1991)

Legacy Begins

01. Mr. Bubbunut Spills His Guts
02. My Definition Of A Boombastic Jazz Style
03. Follow Me Not
04. Ludi
05. U Never Know A Good Thing Till U Lose It
06. And Now The Legacy Begins
07. Tune From The Missing Channel
08. Wash Your Face In My Sink
09. Voyage Through The Multiverse
10. U Could Get Arrested
11. Journey On
12. Face In The Basin
13. Do Not Feed The Alligators
14. Twelve Sided Dice
15. Maximum 60 Lost In A Dream
16. Answer For The Owl

Subliminal Simulation (1994)

Subliminal Simulation

01. Intro
02. Are We There Yet?
03. Day in Day Out
04. Adventures of Plastic Man
05. It’s a Project Thing
06. Paranoia – The “P” Noise
07. I’ve Lost My Ignorance
08. Break the Stereo
09. When I Was at the Jam
10. Burns 1
11. Tricycles and Kittens
12. California Dreamin’
13. No Dingbats Allowed
14. You Think I Don’t Know
15. Sink into the Frame of the Portrait
16. I Wouldn’t Wanna Be Ya
17. Outro

The Master Plan (1996)

Master Plan

01. Fear None (Interlude)
02. The Era of ‘Stay Real’
03. Here Today Gone Tomorrow
04. Sound Clash
05. The Master Plan
06. Float on
07. What Do You Want ‘Ladies’
08. From the Beginning
09. Tset of Purity
10. Luvz History Lesson (Interlude)
11. Dem No Ready
12. Who’s the Crook
13. First Ya Live
14. Times Are Changing
15. Sound Clash [Fattasly Extended Mix]

The Legacy Continues… (2002)

Legacy Continues

01. Dream Dream Warriors
02. Unstoppable
03. Vacation
04. Who Said I Can’t Keep Up (Part 1)
05. dreamwarriors.com
06. Mistaken Earth 4 Heaven
07. Armed Conflict
08. Aqua Boogie (Beat-Lude)
09. Dream War Thang
10. Warrior’s Drum
11. It’s Comical
12. Love Boogie (Beat-Lude)
13. God’s Holodeck
14. Breathe or Die
15. Who Said I Can’t Keep Up (Part 2)
16. My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style (Pierre J Mix)
17. Live from Collins Bay
18. Road of Many Signs
19. From Wriggz to Mom with Love
20. Heavy Is My Aura