Dr. Dundiff

Dr. Dundiff: “Yo! I’m a local hip-hop producer from Louisville ky. All vinyl sampling and analog equipment such as MPC 2000XL and SP303. Drop a beat tape every month as well as many other different projects. Just dropped my second installment ‘Sheet Beats’ beat tape. Check it out, just trying to get that sound out there. Much love!”

Dundiff has a lot of delicious, LoFi kinda beats available on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp profile, check them out!

Sheet Beats II (2013)

sheet beats ii

01. If You’re Lucky
02. What You Left Behind
03. Larry and the Cookies
04. Letterlude
05. Candle Wax
06. You Are A Lover
07. Midnight II
08. Steady
09. That Thing In The Middle
10. On My Way…
11. Purified
12. Swingsets