Donald D

Donald D is a rapper originally from North Carolina. In New York, he started his career as a rapper, as part of The B-Boys, working with Afrika Islam and Grandmaster Flash. He relocated to Los Angeles as a member of Ice T‘s Rhyme Syndicate and started making records with old school luminaries such as Grandmaster Flash.

His solo LPs ‘Notorious‘ (1989) and ‘Let The Horns Blow‘ (1991) were inspired by the gangsta rap of Ice-T and others, with production by Afrika Islam and DJ Aladdin…

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Notorious (1989)


01. Intro
02. Notorious
03. F.B.I.
04. Who Got The Gun
05. Syndicate Posse
06. A Letter I’ll Never Send
07. Armed And Dangerous
08. Car Chase
09. Just Suck
10. Lost In A Freestyle
11. On Tour
12. Another Night In The Bronx

Let the Horns Blow (1991)

let the horns blow

01. Intro: The Show Starter
02. Rage of the Rap Renegade
03. Let the Horns Blow
04. Donald D Theme
05. Sniper on the Prowl
06. 3 Poets on a Mission
07. C.I.A. (Crack in America)
08. Fine Girls Are My Weakness
09. Show No Mercy
10. To the Beat Y’all
11. She Gets Buck Wild
12. The Boulevard of Broken Dreams
13. Next 2 Me
14. The Way It Used 2 B
15. I’m Gonna Smoke Him