Def Squad

Def Squad is a rap supergroup consisting of Erick Sermon, Redman & Keith Murray. Mally G is considered an honorary member of the Def Squad.

Before officially forming as a group to release an album in 1998, they had each been featured on tracks by each other. The Def Squad was formed following the disbandment of the Hit Squad, who broke up after the struggles between EPMD members Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith…

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El Nino (1998)

el nino

01. Shower (Intro)
02. Check N’ Me Out
03. Countdown (feat. Lil’ Jamal & PMD)
04. Full Cooperation
05. Ride Wit’ Us (feat. Too Short)
06. Lay ‘Em Down (Skit)
07. Rhymin’ Wit’ Biz (feat. Biz Markie)
08. The Game
09. World Announcement (Skit)
10. Can You Dig It?
11. You Do, I Do
12. Ya’ll Niggas Ain’t Ready
13. Say Word
14. No Guest List
15. Babies Father Committee (Skit)
16. Def Squad Delite