Curbside Jones

Curbside Jones” Manning Jr is a 27 year old songwriter/producer who resides in Austin, Tx.

He has been making music since 2005, but didn’t take it seriously until 2007 when he received a Roland SP 606 sample workstation for Christmas.

Since then he has experimented with sample and non sample production and improved his satirical, yet compelling lyrics for a wide range audience…

The Cherry Blossom Effect (2014)

Cherry Blossom Effect

01. The Theory
02. Pink
03. Blind Swordsman
04. Neon Lights Ft. Blck Ghost
05. Pairadice
06. Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks
07. Hot Chicks x Arcade Sticks (Round 2)
08. ZombieKing3000!
09. Reflection Champloo
10. Tokyo III
11. White
12. Pink (Act II) Ft. KoolQuise
13. Trance(End)

WakeUpSuper! (2014)

Curbside Jones - WakeUpSuper

01. Mother’s Only Child
02. Kuroneko Jones
03. Red Mage
04. Los Trabajadores (Werk)
05. (dot)MPEG
07. FaceTime With God [Prod By. Phill Blanks]
08. (dot)MPEG [Takamaru Gaiden Remix]
09. Mother’s Only Child [Pizzachu Lu Remix]
10. Red Mage [Phill Blanks Remix]
11. Kuroneko Jones [Beat Goddess Remix]