Clever Jeff

As an independent artist, Jeff strives to create music with meaning that both moves the feet and heals the soul.

Growing up in a household rich with music, his early influences included soul, r&b, funk and jazz artists. By age ten, Jeff was joining in and playing in the jam sessions in the family living room.

A talented free-style emcee, Jeff began writing down his rhymes in his late teens. Later on he found his signature singing voice which is described as soulful, honest, smooth and sexy.

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Jazz Hop Soul (1994)

jazz hop soul

01. Intro
02. No Fiction
03. Full Stride
04. City
05. Refresh
06. Catch Rek
07. Late Night Tip
08. Some Shouts
09. For Real
10. At the Club
11. Keep It Comin’
12. Let the Man Command
13. Gangsta Jazz
14. Down Low
15. Jazz
16. Birth
17. Rainy Day
18. Jazz Hop Soul
19. Outro