Chubb Rock

Chubb Rock is a New York based rapper who released several commercially successful hip hop albums in the early 1990s.

A former National Merit Scholar, Chubb Rock was a pre-med student who dropped out of Brown University to pursue his musical career…

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Chubb Rock Featuring Hitman Howie Tee (1988)

chubb rock feat hitman howie tee

01. DJ Innovator
02. Daddy’s Home
03. I Feel Good
04. Joker
05. Momma Was a Rollin Stone
06. Caught Up
07. Do It Again
08. Girl I Love You
09. Punk
10. Rock -N- Roll Dude
11. It’s So Hot
12. This Is So Hard

Chubb Rock with Howie Tee – And The Winner Is… (1989)

and the winner is

01. Stop That Train
02. What a Difference
03. Same Old Thing
04. Bump the Floor
05. And the Winner Is… (The Grammys)
06. He’s Funky
07. Blow the Whistle
08. Caught Up [Remix]
09. Bonus Beat [Dave & Rob]
10. She’s With Someone
11. Mr. Nobody Is Somebody Now
12. Hi Jack
13. Ya Bad Chubbs
14. Hip Hop Rodeo
15. Gonna Do It for You
16. Nothing Can Stop Us Now
17. Talkin’ Loud, Ain’t Sayin’ Jack
18. Don’t Trespass

The One (1991)

the one

01. The One
02. Just The Two Of Us
03. Treat ‘Em Right
04. The Big Man
05. The Night Scene
06. The Bad Boyz
07. What’s The Word
08. Organizer
09. The Chubbster
10. Cat
11. Another Statistic
12. Enjoy Ya Self
13. The Five Deadly Venoms
14. Bring ‘Em Home Safely
15. Keep It Street
16. The Regiments Of Steel
17. The Big Man (Remix)

I Gotta Get Mine Yo! (1992)

i gotta get mine yo

01. Some-O-Next Shit
02. I’m the Man
03. Pop ‘Nuff Shit
04. Don’t Drink the Milk
05. The Hatred
06. Lost in the Storm
07. Which Way Is Up
08. Black Trek IV the Voyage Home
09. Yabadabadoo
10. So Much Things to Say
11. The Funky
12. Three Men at Chung King
13. I Need Some Blow
14. I’m Too Much
15. My Brother
16. I Don’t Want to Be Lonely
17. I Gotta Get Mine Yo
18. A Message to the B.A.N.
19. Enter the Dragon
20. The Arrival
21. See You in October

The Mind (1997)

the mind

01. Reputation
02. I Am What I Am
03. Beef
04. Life
05. The Mind
06. The Man
07. Games We Play
08. I Will Survive
09. Don’t Sleep
10. East Vs. West [Remix]
11. Clear the Decks
12. Mr. Rock
13. Party Right