Chin x Peezy

Chin and Peezy, members of the Boston based Hip Hop group Fountain of Youth, have released their newest mixtape: The Mind’s Eye.

The vibrant sounds reminiscent of the Golden Era of Hip Hop, combined with the raw talent and passion fueling this duo creates a mixtape your favorite rapper couldn’t put down if he tried. From opening up chakras in your third eye with tantalizing rhymes to entering a musical fourth dimension with rhythmic strings guiding you along the way, this mixtape is a literal trip…

The Mind’s Eye (2013)

minds eye

01. The Mind’s Eye
02. Moment of Pressure
03. The Follow-Up
04. ?uest
05. On Our Own
06. Persevere (Ft. Phacade)
07. Radio Chakra FM
08. 90’s Babies
09. T&T (Trials & Tribulations)
10. 123
11. Show Time
12. Top of the World
13. Answers
14. [BONUS] The Ride (Ft. Phacade)