Capital Tax

I simply cannot name any reason why Capital Tax were so underrated at its time. Their first and only release “The Swoll Package” has so many great moments, that I had to respin this album several times!

If You consider yourself a fan of underground hiphop, then this one is a must-have for You!

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The Swoll Package (1993)

Swoll Package

01. Lab
02. Mista Wonka
03. Make a Move Y’all
04. Freestyle
05. I Can’t Believe It
06. We Pals
07. Can You Dig It
08. Nottie Natural
09. Masha
10. In Memory Of
11. Givin’ It Back
12. Styles I Manifest
13. Make Some Cash
14. Poet Treeman
15. Treetop Connection
16. Outs