Blaq Poet

Wilbur Bass, better known as Blaq Poet is an American rapper from Queensbridge, New York, USA.

He was first heard in the track “Beat You Down” from the Bridge Wars during 1987, a diss song towards KRS-One and Boogie Down Productions. At that time Poet was at least 17 years old.

During 1991, Poet and DJ Hot Day made a duo called PhD and released their debut album, Without Warning on Tuff City Records. They released after that album several 12 inch singles and an EP until 1996 when they broke up. Poet went onto teaming up with KL, Hostyle and Solo, creating the group Screwball

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PHD – Without Warning (1991)

without warning

01. Dark Side
02. Without Warning
03. Life on the Edge
04. Pandemonium
05. Showdown
06. Set It Off
07. I’m Flippin’
08. Tell It Like It Is
09. Night to Remember
10. Do It Any Way You Wanna Do It
11. It’s Hot
12. Snakes in the Grass

Rewind: Deja Screw (2006)

rewind deja screw

01. Bang This
02. Ghetto Shit
03. Message From Poet
04. Bomb Shift
05. Bloody Mess
06. Watch Your Back
07. The Cash
08. My Nigga (Ft. Team Shug)
09. What Yall Gonna Do?
10. Poet Has Come
11. You Fucked Up
12. After All This Time
13. Rhyme Crime Boss
14. Hard To Believe
15. Psycho
16. Still Flippin’
17. The Cash Pt. 2
18. Mind Of A Criminal

Blaq Out (2009)

blaq out

01. The Foulest
02. Don’t Give A Fuck
03. Smoke Dat Drink Dat (ft. Jack Daniels)
04. Got That Crack [Poet & KL Version] (ft. Yung Mike)
05. So Called Gangstas
06. Ayatolla Interlude
07. It’s Official!
08. Grimey Niggaz (ft. Shabaam Sahdeeq, Killa Sha, Phantasm)
09. Say It How You Mean It
10. Hood Crazy
11. Let Em Have It
12. Gun Fight Gang Fight

Tha Blaqprint (2009) [Comes with the Instrumentals]

tha blaqprint

01. I-Gettin
02. U Phucc’D Up (Ft. KL) (Prod. by Easy Mo Bee)
03. Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed
04. What’s The Deal?
05. Legendary Pt. 1 (Ft. Nick Javas & NYGz)
06. Hood Crazy
07. Voices
08. Hate (Ft. N.O.R.E.)
09. Sichuwayshunz (Prod. by Gemcrates)
10. Stretch Marks And Cigarette Burns (Ft. Panchi & Imani Montana)
11. S.O.S.
12. Let The Guns Blow
13. Don’t Give A Fucc
14. Rap Addiction (Ft. Lil’ Fame & Shabeeno)
15. Never Goodbye (Tribute to KL)