Black Sheep

Black Sheep is an alternative hip hop duo from Queens, New York, composed of Andres “Dres” Titus and William “Mista Lawnge” McLean.

The duo are native New Yorkers but met as teenagers in North Carolina where both of their families relocated. The group was an affiliate of the Native Tongues Posse, which included Jungle Brothers, A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul.

They released their first album, A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing in 1991, which gained them praise and recognition in the hip-hop community for the album’s unique rhythms and intelligent lyrics…

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing (1991)

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

01. Intro
02. U Mean I’m Not
03. Butt in the Meantime
04. Have U.N.E. Pull
05. Strobelite Honey
06. Are You Mad?
07. The Choice is Yours
08. To Whom it May Concern
09. Similak Child
10. Try Counting Sheep
11. Flavor of the Month
12. La Menage
13. L.A.S.M.
14. Gimme the Finga
15. Hoes We Knows
16. Go to Hail
17. Black with N.V. (No Vision)
18. Pass the 40
19. Blunted 10
20. For Doz that Slept
21. The Choice is Yours (Revisited)
22. Yes (Bonus Track)

Non-Fiction (1994)


01. Non-Fiction Intro
02. Autobiographical
03. B.B.S.
04. City Lights
05. Do Your Thing
06. E.F.F.E.C.T.
07. Freak Y’all
08. Gotta Get Up
09. Let’s Get Cozy
10. Me & My Brother
11. North South East West
12. Peace To The Niggas
13. Summa Tha Time
14. We Boys
15. Who’s Next?
16. Without A Doubt
17. Non-Fiction Outro

Sure Shot Redemption (1999)

Sure Shot Redemption

01. Pardon Me (Single)
02. As I Look Back
03. Damn Right
04. Hi & Lo
05. Never Say (feat. the Legion)
06. Start of Somethin’ Big
07. Sky’s the Limit (feat. the Legion)
08. Endz
09. It’s Going Down (feat. Chi Ali and Droop Dog)
10. Back 2 Back
11. You’re So Vain (feat. Horace Brown)
12. Night Time (feat. Vicki Miles)
13. Grand Groove
14. Straight Paper
15. Tru Kings

8WM / Novakane (2007)

8WM Novakane

01. U Mean I Don’t
02. Grew Up
03. Be Careful (Feat. Choklate)
04. Whodat
05. Shorty
06. Sunshine (Feat. Dinky Bingham)
07. 8WM
08. Novakane
09. Wonder (Feat. Yummy Bingham)
10. Heed The Word
11. Everyday (Feat. Choklate)
12. Hey
13. Novakane Groove

From The Black Pool of Genius (2010)

From The Black Pool of Genius

01. Splash (Intro)
02. Forever Luvlee
03. Reason to Pray
04. Elevation
05. Party Tonight (Feat. Jean Grae)
06. Power to the Pih-Poh (Feat. Rhymefest)
07. Born To Che
08. Muy Bueno (Feat. Rosie Perez)
09. Come Back Home (Feat. P & V)
10. Important Fact (Feat. Psycho Les)
11. Winner (Feat. Az)
12. Birds Of A Feather (Feat. Q -tip, Trugoy Dove & Mike G)
13. For The Record
14. Victory
15. Dusk (Outro) (Feat. Mums)