Binary Star

Binary Star were an alternative hip hop group formed in 1998 that was composed of One Be Lo and Senim Silla.

While in prison, One Be Lo met Senim Silla, and the two formed Binary Star during their time in Hiawatha Correctional Facility. One Be Lo took the time to gather extensive amounts of knowledge pertaining to the music industry, such as copyrights, publishing, and how to successfully start a record company. In his own words, he “learned how to hustle legally”…

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Masters of the Universe (2000)

Masters Universe

01. Reality Check
02. Conquistadors
03. Solar Powered (Intro)
04. Solar Powered
05. Slang Blade (Intro)
06. Slang Blade
07. Binary Shuffle (Intro)
08. Binary Shuffle
09. Fellowship – Athletic Mic League, Decompoze
10. New Hip Hop
11. Masters of the Universe
12. Indy 500
13. Evolution of Man
14. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings (Intro)
15. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
16. Honest Expression
17. Honest Expression (Outro)
18. Glen Close
19. Wolfman Jack (Intro)
20. Wolfman Jack
21. OneManArmy
22. KGB (Intro)
23. KGB – eLZhi, OneManArmy, Senim Silla
24. Outro