ICBM is a french producer, beatmaker and musician who always make his style evolves from a project to another. He already worked with Trainspotters (Sweden), Illus (USA), Owbese (USA) etc. and had tracks featuring well known artists like Craig G, Freddie Foxxx, Homeboy Sandman, Apathy, Dj Johnny Juice, Simplex, Ranto Bokgo, Reef The Lost Cauze and Blueprint.

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Tha Saint

Donnie “Tha Saint” Jackson is one half of the dynamic Hip Hop, R&B, and Pop group, Elect of God (E.O.G.). As a solo artist, he takes the filter off and hits you with whatever is on his mind. You see a very raw and sometimes controversial artist who stays true to the Christian values that are at his core while touching on content in a way that lets you know, this is an artist who understands the human struggle…

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