Audio Two

Audio Two were the Brooklyn, New York hip hop duo of emcee Kirk “Milk Dee” Robinson and DJ Nat “Gizmo” Robinson, most famous for their first hit, the classic “Top Billin'”…

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What More Can I Say? (1988)

what more can i say

01. Top Billin (Acapella)
02. What More Can I Say
03. When The 2 Is on the Mic
04. I Like Cherries
05. I Don’t Care
06. Giz Starts Buggin’
07. Make It Funky
08. Hickeys Around My Neck
09. Put It 2 Music
10. Top Billin’ (Instrumental)
11. Questions

I Don’t Care – The Album (1990)

i dont care

01. On the Road Again
02. Get Your Mother Off the Crack
03. Undercover Hooker
04. Worse Than a Gremlin
05. Watcha’ Lookin’ At?
06. I Get the Papers
07. Milk Does the Body Good [Remix]
08. Start It Up Y’All
09. When Milk’s on the Mic
10. Build Up Back Up
11. Nasty
12. 6teen
13. Step
14. Many Styles