Anotha Level

Anotha Level was an underground hip hop group composed of five members, Bambino, Ced Twice, Stenge, Stix and Stones.

They were closely associated with Ice Cube, who got the group a deal with his label at the time Priority Records. The group then recorded and released their only album on April 26, 1994 entitled On Anotha Level…

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On Anotha Level (1994)

On Anotha Level

01. Level Lounge
02. Let Me Take Ya
03. Just Feelin’
04. Don’t Stimulate
05. Stimulating
06. A Question to Ask
07. Don’t Fight It
08. What’s That Cha Say
09. Swingaz
10. Caught You Swingin’
11. On Deck
12. Level-N-Service
13. Fo Sho Shot
14. Late
15. Paht-T