A Tribe Called Quest

A Tribe Called Quest is an alternative hip-hop group, formed in 1988. The group is composed of rapper/producer Q-Tip (Kamal Fareed), rapper Phife Dawg (Malik Taylor), and DJ/producer Ali Shaheed Muhammad. A fourth member, rapper Jarobi White, left the group after their first album but appears to have rejoined the group since 2006.

Along with De La Soul, the group was a central part of the Native Tongues Posse, and enjoyed the most commercial success out of all the groups to emerge from that collective.

Their innovative fusing of hip hop and jazz has had a lasting impact on hip hop music, helping to expand the art of hip hop production…

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People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm (1990)

Peoples Instinctive Travels

01. Push It Along
02. Luck of Lucien
03. After Hours
04. Footprints
05. I Left My Wallet In El Segundo
06. Public Enemy
07. Bonita Applebum
08. Can I Kick It?
09. Youthful Expression
10. Rhythm (Devoted to The Art of Moving Butts)
11. Mr. Muhammad
12. Ham ‘N’ Eggs
13. Go Ahead In The Rain
14. Description of a Fool

The Low End Theory (1991)

Low End Theory

01. Excursions
02. Buggin’ Out
03. Rap Promoter
04. Butter
05. Verses From The Abstract
06. Show Business
07. Vibes and Stuff
08. The Infamous Date Rape
09. Check The Rhime
10. Everything Is Fair
11. Jazz (We’ve Got)
12. Skypager
13. What?
14. Scenario
15. Check The Rhime (Mr. Muhammad’s mix)

Midnight Marauders (1993)

Midnight Marauders

01. Midnight Marauders Tour Guide
02. Steve Biko (Stir It Up)
03. Award Tour
04. 8 Million Stories
05. Sucka Nigga
06. Midnight
07. We Can Get Down
08. Electric Relaxation (Relax Yourself Girl)
09. Clap Your Hands
10. Oh My God
11. Keep It Rollin’
12. The Chase, Part ll
13. Lyrics To Go
14. God Lives Through
15. Hot Sex
16. Electric Relaxation Instrumental (Bonus)

Beats, Rhymes and Life (1996)

Beats Rhymes Life

01. Phony Rappers
02. Get A Hold
03. Motivators
04. Jam
05. Crew
06. The Pressure
07. 1nce Again (feat. Tammy Lucas)
08. Mind Power
09. The Hop
10. Keeping It Moving
11. Baby Phife’s Return
12. Separate / Together
13. What Really Goes On
14. Word Play
15. Stressed Out (feat. Faith Evan)

The Love Movement (1998)

Love Movement

01. Start It Up
02. Find A Way
03. Da Booty
04. Steppin’ It Up (feat. Busta Rhymes & Redman)
05. Like It Like That
06. Common Ground (Get It Goin’ On)
07. 4 Moms (feat. Spanky)
08. His Name Is Mutty Ranks
09. Give Me (feat. Noreaga)
10. Pad & Pen (feat. D-Life)
11. Busta’s Lament
12. Hot 4 U
13. Against The World (feat. Spanky)
14. The Love
15. Rock Rock Y’All (feat. Punchline, Wordsworth, Jane Doe & Mos Def)
16. Scenario (Remix)
17. Money Maker
18. Hot Sex
19. Oh My God (Remix)
20. Jazz (We’ve Got) (Re-Recording Radio)
21. One Two Shit