A.D.O.R., born Eddie Castellanos, is a U.S. hip hop artist whose work includes the Pete Rock produced hit “Let It All Hang Out” (1992), and “One for the Trouble” (1994), produced by Marley Marl. The latter has been sampled extensively in later songs, most famously Fatboy Slim’s 1998 remix of “Renegade Master” by Roger “Wildchild” MacKenzie…

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The Concrete (1994)

The Concrete

01. Penetration
02. One For the Trouble
03. Life Flow
04. Ill at Will
05. Day 2 Day
06. Off the Top
07. Let It All Hang Out
08. The Voice
09. Keep It Real
10. From the Concrete
11. The Kid Is Crazy
12. Here Comes da Wreck
13. Heart and Soul
14. Day 2 Day – (Untouchables Mecca mix)
15. The Last Word

Shock Frequency (1998)

Shock Frequency

01. Penetration
02. Rush
03. Shock to Bliss
04. Kid Is Crazy
05. Freestyle Fanatic
06. Shock Frequency
07. Bio Rhythm
08. Let It All Hang Out
09. Ruthless Confrontation
10. Enter the Center
11. Ill Thoughts
12. MC Chronicles
13. One For the Trouble
14. Words
15. From the Concrete
16. Enter the Center – (Bonbonzee)